Every man can be successful with women and dating
By David Faibish
I have some good news for you my friend: when it comes to attraction, women don’t really care about men’s good looks as much as men care about women’s good looks.
Surprised? I know, it’s shocking…

Don’t get me wrong, nice facial features or hot bodies do make a difference, and guys who look good do usually attract more women than guys who don’t, but in the long run, if a good looking guy doesn’t have what it takes to keep a woman attracted to him, she will loose interest pretty quickly and look for someone better, not necessarily better looking.
On the other hand, if a man who is not physically attractive DOES have what it takes to be called A REAL MAN, his girl will never think about leaving him for someone else, even if she’s really attractive and has many other options. Actually, HE will probably have a few other options too.

Women care much more for men’s personalities than their looks. If it still doesn’t sound right to you, than how would you explain all those not so attractive men (some even ugly) who are dating or even married to seriously HOT women than? I’m sure you’ve seen it happen ones or twice before.

You might say, “Maybe those guys are funny or smart!”
Well, although being funny or smart (or both) is really important when it comes to attracting women, these two alone don’t close the deal. I mean, most of the “nice guys” who aren’t successful with women ARE funny and smart. These are two of the only reasons why they actually have hot female (just) friends in the first place. (You can also add the free listener and computer-technician services that come built-in with nice guys…) But still, funny and smart nice guys still lack something VERY important in their personalities that is essential for generating attraction in women.

”Ok… so, what about money? It must be money than!”
It’s usually not the money itself that attracts a woman to a man who has a lot of it; (although there ARE a lot of “gold diggers” out there who are only looking for that,) it’s the idea behind the money that this man, who earned all this wealth and has such a high lifestyle, IS A SUCCESSFUL MAN, and successful men are usually WINNERS. (And “winners” are the opposite of “losers,” get it?)

A woman’s subconscious mind quietly “thinks” to itself “this is a man who probably has what it takes to raise my future offspring and supply food, shelter and protection to us, even if he’s not so handsome. I can’t help but being attracted to him because this guy is probably a REAL MAN and evolution programmed me to be attracted to real men!”

That’s why rich, famous, and powerful ugly men get laid a lot. But the fact is that you don’t actually need to HAVE tons of cash, fame or power in order to be extremely attractive to women.

You also don’t have to be ridiculously handsome in order to attract them. Just groom yourself, lose the beer belly, dress nicely, and perfect your body language.

The bottom line is that in order to be able to attract any woman that you want, all you have to do is act like a REAL MAN and learn how to push all the right buttons inside a woman’s brain.

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