By David Faibish
The world is a scary and dangerous place for women, especially for women of beauty. There are all kinds of sick unpredictable weirdoes out there that can potentially hurt women or get them pregnant and then disappear. Some of them actually do hurt them or rape them (or both), and unfortunately it happens too often.
Now imagine how scary and dangerous it was to be a woman a few hundreds or even thousands of years ago, when total uncertainty ruled everyone’s life.

You need to understand that since the beginning of mankind, women, as the weaker sex, that has the ability to get pregnant and be in no shape of defending themselves, lived in constant physical danger that translated to constant fear of being hurt in all kinds of ways.
This constant fear created by primitive culture, religions, lack of proper education, lack of law enforcement, wars, dangerous animals and bugs, diseases, lack of any scientific knowledge and such, made women look for a strong male to have their offspring with, for better chances of survival and a stronger feeling of safety.
In a way, through time, evolution literally “programmed” women’s genes through fear, that it’s in their highest priority to find a strong high status partner for a better and safer life.

What does it mean “a high status partner”?
Well, think about it; it is very logical that the relatively weak typical woman would naturally prefer to couple up with someone whom she (and everyone else) perceives as a powerful and successful person, which means he can probably protect and provide food and shelter, (and high quality sperm in order to produce stronger healthier babies).
Also she wants this REAL MAN to make her FEEL GOOD; good enough so she’ll forget about the depressing scary side of life.

You need to understand that this programming, which is found in every woman’s genes, causes them to involuntarily respond emotionally to all kinds of men’s traits and behaviors.
With women it’s all about emotions.

It’s that simple: when you’re with a woman, anything you do or say makes her be more attracted or less attracted to you and she can’t do anything about it. Whatever you do or say that makes you seem like a confident REAL MAN, amplifies women’s attraction to you.
On the other hand, anything that you say or do that makes a woman realize that you’re an insecure wuss, will totally destroy any chances of you ever attracting her.

Once a woman is attracted to you, it’s literally a drug. Being with you makes her feel good, she thinks about you all the time, and as long as you keep behaving like a confident and fun man, you’ll make her brain release all kinds of addictive attraction chemicals into her blood stream and then you’ll definitely be on the right path to whatever you’d like this to be.

Now, to whom of these two types of guys do you think a typical woman would most likely be attracted to?
A good nice guy, kind of boring and a little bit of a coward, but basically a good guy OR a confident, fun, and brave man who is perceived by many as a high status male, a leader, a real man that she’ll probably have more chances of surviving and feeling good with?
That’s right my friend, it’s the confident cool guy who wins all the time, not the insecure nice guy.

Why Men Are Attracted to the Hotter and the Younger Women:

A man who is perceived to be attractive, has more women to choose from and have sex with, so naturally, he will choose the hottest, most attractive women he can find.
Like evolution programmed women to choose the most confident real men to procreate with, it also programmed men to choose the healthiest “baby machines” among women.
(I.e. hot, sexy, and “big breasted” younger women.)

Why the hottest?
It’s simple: our genes are programmed to find the best option to have sex with in order to pass the genes to the next generation; and if the babies grow to be physically attractive and healthy people, they have more chances of finding the best partners to pass their genes again to the next generation. That’s why hot women get more options they can handle, in opposed to ugly women who can barely “close the month…”
“Big breasted???” Yes! Well, you don’t want your babies to starve to death, do you?

Why younger?
Because as “baby machines,” women are “worth” more when they’re relatively young because when it comes to the ability of producing babies, every woman has an expiration date.
So a woman who has more time to produce more and healthier babies and has better chances of surviving childbirth is the better choice; the natural choice. (That’s why women put on make up: to make up for nature’s work: to look younger and sexier.)

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