The 10 biggest mistakes nice guys make that
cause them to lose the girl (pg2)
- By David Faibish
6. Apologizing too much:

Unless you actually did or said something that hurt her feelings, don’t apologize.

As a real man, you stand behind your words and actions. If she gets upset when she shouldn’t and causes drama, you shouldn’t say you’re sorry. You’re a real man and you stick to your principles. Just ignore it and she’ll calm down.

If you constantly apologize, even when it’s clear that you’re right and she’s wrong, she’ll see you as a coward and know that SHE’S wearing the pants in this relationship. Once she realizes you’re a wimp, she’ll lose all respect and attraction she had towards you, even if she got what she wanted.

Women look for real men to look up to, not down at.

7. Acting like victims:

Some guys think that by telling a woman of their problems they can get sympathy, affection, and attraction from her because they’re being sensitive, honest, and real. This is a HUGE mistake.
Although it stimulates her feelings, it’s the wrong kind of feelings and it’s a big turn-off for a woman.

In order to create attraction in a woman, you need to convey that you’re a real man and not a little sissy.
There’s time for everything. You can spill your guts out and even shed a tear (not recommended) only when you are a couple for long enough time and she actually CARES.

A woman has her own problems. So when a wimpy man comes around and tells her about his problems, she doesn’t really want to hear about them.
By exposing a woman to your weaknesses, you shoot yourself in the foot and describe yourself as weak and vulnerable, not as a real, strong, and confident man who can protect and take care of himself, let alone her.
You can’t get a woman to be attracted to you by acting like a wounded victim.

8. Confessing their feelings too early:

So you started well: You approached a woman, attracted her, and maybe even had sex with her. Then, too soon you expressed your new feelings for her and were surprised when she didn’t call you back. You tried a few more times, she finally picked up the phone and promised to return a call because she was busy, but she never did.
Sounds familiar?

Lots of men are guilty of behaving this way. I’ve done that more than once myself (and missed on some really great opportunities).

Next time it happens, you’ve got to bite your tongue and keep your feelings to yourself for at least a few weeks or until she expresses her feelings towards you first. And never ever say, “I love you” first! (Unless you’re 110% sure that she loves you back.)

It will also help if you don’t plan your futures together just because you like her early on in the relationship.
It shows you don’t have many friends, which translates as “LESS ATTRACTIVE” to a woman.

9. Acting “cool,” thinking that if she’s finally attracted, it’s for all eternity:

Oh my god! WRONG!
I personally used to do that a lot and it was a big mistake each and every time.
When you already attract a girl and she’s obviously into you, keep on the good work! Don’t stop (unless you want to end the relationship…).

Also, when you already get into a relationship with a woman, don’t take her for granted, or she’ll start losing attraction to you. You always have to keep it interesting, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

10. Seeking approval:

People with low self-esteem constantly look for approval from other people.
They need to get the affirmation that they DO matter, that they are talented and/or good looking and that they are significant enough.
These people are never leaders; they’re followers. Women prefer leaders.

Asking a girl if she likes you, for example, shows her that you lack the self-confidence she looks for in a man. A man who is truly confident is used to be liked. He doesn’t need to confirm it all the time. He won’t really care about it.
Men who look for approval are usually pretty boring for an attractive woman.
They don’t lead her into exciting situations and they constantly give her the power in the relationship. No challenge, no excitement and no leadership result in no attraction!
That’s why looking for approval is unattractive.

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