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By David Faibish

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Simple questions:

Q: Where do you live? (In case you still live with your mom at the age of 46…)
Q: Where did you grow up?
Q: What sign are you?
Q: What music do you like?
Q: Do you like to dance?
Q: What kind of movies do you like?
Q: What are you thinking right now?
Q: What food do you like to eat?
Q: Do you cook?
Q: How old are you?
Q: Do you prefer younger girls or girls your age?
Q: What did you study in college?
Q: Are you always like that? Don’t you ever shave?
Q: Are you a player?
Q: Are you cheep or do you like to spend your money?
Q: How are you with massages?
Q: What are your talents?
Q: Have you ever kissed a guy?
Q: Did you ever drink WAY too much?
Q: Do you like to travel?
Q: What part of your body do you like / hate the most?
Q: When do you usually go to sleep?
Q: To what part of your life do you miss the most?
Q: Do you sing?
Q: Do you play any instrument?
Q: Do you eventually want to get married?
Q: Are you married? Were you ever married?
Q: Did someone ever beat the crap out of you?
Q: How do you want to die?

Your preferences in women:

Q: What kind of hair do you like on women? What color?
Q: With which woman would you rather have sex with: Thin, full or fat?
Q: Do you like freckles?
Q: How would you like your ideal woman to dress?
Q: Would you rather a short woman or a tall one?

Test questions that you do not want to fail:

Q: So, tell me about yourself
Q: What do you do in life?
Q: What kind of a relationship are you looking for? Serious, or just a one-time thing?
Q: You’ve got a girlfriend?
Q: When was your last girlfriend and how long did it last?
Q: How long was your longest relationship?
Q: Tell me about your last girlfriend. How was she?
Q: You’ve got a picture of her here?
Q: Why did you break up?
Q: Who are you here with?
Q: When you’re with your girlfriend in public, do you look at other women?
Q: What do you want to achieve in life?
Q: Tell me about your friends.
Q: What is a perfect date for you?
Q: What is the ideal relationship for you?
Q: What did you learn from your past relationships?
Q: When did you lose your virginity? You’re not a virgin, right?
Q: Are you planning to be very successful with your career or you’re good the way you are now?
Q: Do you shower daily?

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