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By David Faibish

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Q: Do you read? What kind of literature do you read?
Q: Do you believe in love?
Q: What is this weird last name?
Q: What do you like best in women?
Q: Are you easy to annoy?
Q: Did you ever have a real fight with someone? When? Why? Who won?
Q: Are you spontaneous?
Q: Are you a sensitive man?
Q: Do you fall in love easily?
Q: Are you polite? A gentleman?
Q: How do you kiss?
Q: Do you surprise your women with notes, flowers and love letters?
Q: Do you like to talk on the phone?
Q: Do you call a lot?
Q: Have you ever broken the law?
Q: Did someone ever make you cry?
Q: Did a girl ever break your heart?
Q: Did you ever break someone elses heart?
Q: Did you ever say, I love you to a girl and meant it?
Q: Do you lie a lot?
Q: If you could be someone else, who would you like to be?
Q: Whats your perversion?
Q: What is the single thing you would take to a lost island?
Q: Do you usually give money to homeless people?
Q: Did you ever help an old lady or a blind man cross the street?
Q: Have you ever shoplifted?
Q: Is there anything more important to you than your life?
Q: Did you ever break anything good on purpose?
Q: Do you ever break promises?
Q: What is the meanest thing youve ever done?
Q: At what age do you think you should have sex for the first time?
Q: When was the last time youve kissed somebody?
Q: When was the last time youve had sex?
Q: When was the last time youve hugged someone?
Q: When was the last time somebody hugged you?
Q: What is the first thing that you think about when you wake up in the morning?
Q: Do you think youre good looking?
Q: Are you the jealous type?
Q: Are you stubborn?
Q: Do you love yourself?
Q: do you hate anyone?
Q: Do you miss people you dont see for a long time?
Q: Is there something you dont have in life? Are you doing anything to get it?
Q: Did you ever think about committing suicide?
Q: Did you ever pay money for sex?
Q: Did you ever risk your life in order to protect someone else?
Q: Do you have a police record?
Q: What are your weaknesses?
Q: What are your fears?
Q: What do you want to achieve this year?
Q: Do you believe in yourself?
Q: Are you a clean freak?
Q: Do you get along with your parents?
Q: Have you dated someone lately?
Q: Have you ever been dumped in the past?
Q: Did you ever skinny dip?
Q: Is there anything you did in the past that you regret?
Q: Do you believe in love in first sight?
Q: Do you think these pants make my ass look big?

SHE approaches YOU and say:

I like your eyelashes, theyre so long
I like your dimples
I like your hair
I like your tattoo
Oh, what a nice necklace
Nice shirt
Nice pants
Nice hat

You can leave most of the questions unanswered for now, (just do the funny or the important ones,) but in order to allow yourself to do that, you have to remember one rule: you need to know everything about the alpha male and the women logic, and then, when a woman asks you a question, it will be very easy to create the correct answer right there on the spot.

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